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Benefits of Web Full Page Ads

Here are some of the benefits of Signing up for a Web Full Page Ad which links to your WebSite!

  • Your Web Full Page Ad is showcased on over 20 Web Business Directories also found in the major serach engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo following Google rules of links.
  • Yearly Plan also gets you listed on over 30 Blog Sites
  • One Flat Rate of $159.95/year or $19.95/month (0ver 30% savings on the yearly plan over the monthly plan!)
  • Unlimited Clicks. No PPC or click charges. No set up charges. No penalty fees.
  • Add a YouTube or Vimeo Video inside Your Web Full Page Ad. Your Video can be different sizes or a link to open up in a new page
  • Add 1 or 2 pictures with different links to your landing pages on your website for web surfers to sign up for the products or services you are offering
  • 100 characers of an H1 Header for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Your keywords are added to your web full page ad's URL for SEO
  • 100 characters for an Ad Caption listed in Busiess Directories and linked to your Web Full Page Ad
  • 500 characters for the body of the post to explain reasons why people would want your products or services
  • Add your social media links: Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube Channel and WordPress Web Pages. Google, Bing, and Yahoo links are added on your Web Full Page Ad also.
  • Free SEO Tips and Analysis Of Your Web Site Emailed To You after we receive each payment from you. These alone can cost justify this servce!
  • Edit Your Web Full Page Ad as often as you want for no charge! Changes go up within 1 busines day to all the 20+ Web Business Directories!

Web Directory Listing

Here are some of the businesses and industry groups on the web directories. Click on this Show Listing link to view them alphabetically or by Industry group using headers at top of the new page.

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